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A revolutionary cloud-based tool for the sugarcane industry

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Bonsucro is delighted to announce that its revolutionary new cloud-based tool for the sugarcane industry, Bonsucro Connect (powered by SupplyShift), is now live.

As anyone that works in the sugarcane industry knows, the supply chains that carry sugarcane-derived products to their final destinations are often global, incredibly complex and difficult to analyse. For those who want to see a more sustainable sugarcane industry, this can be a major barrier to change.

Which is where Bonsucro Connect comes in. This new online tool enables users to demonstrate and monitor sustainability through a powerful array of features, such as:

  • Online version of the Bonsucro Calculator
  • Visualisations of performance for producers for mills and farms (live benchmarking through a ‘smart dashboard’)
  • Facilitation of the audit process
  • Scorecards to track progress
  • Availability in English, Portuguese & Spanish

Bonsucro Connect will be launched in phases, with constant input from Bonsucro stakeholders during the process to ensure the tool adding as much value as possible. The current phase brings the Bonsucro Calculator to the online platform. This means the reporting functionality is streamlined, with exciting developments like applicability questions, additional guidance, notes for quality checks.

Introduction to Bonsucro Connect

Download an introduction to the new tool:


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  • Certified Producers (mills & farms): Register, but the primary contact will receive a special username and password that will grant you access to your company’s previous calculators so you’ll be able to see performance over the years.


  • Non-members can explore a limited access Calculator by registering and selecting ‘non-member’.

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