Making Bonsucro-related claims

A key benefit of being involved with Bonsucro is the ability to make claims. The types of claims you can make vary depending on your level of involvement – for example whether you are a Bonsucro member, or have obtained certification, or are a partner of Bonsucro.

Claims & Labelling Rules

Bonsucro’s Claims and Labelling Rules outline the different types of claim available and the rules governing their use. The types of claims are:

  • Bonsucro Membership
  • Bonsucro Certification
  • Physical product trades (off-product claims)
  • Physical product trades (on-product claims)
  • Credit trades (off-product claims ONLY)
  • Bonsucro Accreditation System
  • Bonsucro Training

Please note:

  • The Claims & Labelling Rules released in October 2018 replaces the previous version, published in January 2014.
  • New packaging or claims developed after publication (if not already pre-approved by Bonsucro, or if artwork or packaging is already in production) must comply with the most current Claims & Labelling Rules
  • Existing packaging needs to become compliant with C&L Rules at the next print run

Download Claims & Labelling Rules Version 7.0 (October 2018)

Internal Claims & Labelling Procedures

Download Procedures

Certification Mark License Agreement

Download Agreement

Submit a Claim for Approval

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