Monitoring & Evaluation

We are constantly working to improve the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of sugarcane farming and production of its derived products. Our M&E system reflects this.

It’s designed to:

  • monitor compliance and measure improvements of Bonsucro’s certified members in relation to the Bonsucro Production Standard,
  • help refine and continuously improve the changes that Bonsucro intends to achieve,
  • monitor organisational effectiveness, general awareness about Bonsucro, and engagement of the sector.

Our M&E Programme serves three main purposes:

  • Outcomes & Impacts Communication: To support the development of a business case, showcase results of certification, and to offer a platform for communicating on the outcomes and impacts of adoption of the Bonsucro Standards;
  • Strategies of Bonsucro’s standards: To enable Bonsucro to better understand the effectiveness of its Standards in making behaviour changes and to identify their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Organisational Learning & Adaptive Management: To enable Bonsucro to better understand the effectiveness of the organisation and strategies, and to identify issues, trends, and areas for improvement.

Bonsucro Outcome Report 2016

The Outcome Report 2016 presents the findings of Bonsucro’s Monitoring and Evaluation System. The report quantitatively evaluates the performance of mills and sugarcane supply areas certified against the metric-based Bonsucro Production Standard. It also includes independent research on the impacts of sugarcane production. Information on certified mills has been collected through the Bonsucro Calculator, a tool we’ve developed to report on compliance. The report includes:

  • Evaluation of aggregate data showing performance of mills against the metric based indicators of the Bonsucro Production Standard.
  • Assessment of current independent research into the implementation Bonsucro Standards
  • Findings from Bonsucro member annual reports, including trends, proposals, recommendations and ratings
  • Reported certified product sales figures
  • Recommendations for improvement

You can download…

  • the 2016 Outcome Report here,
  • Theory of Change resources here,
  • and Webinars on the topic here.

Bonsucro M&E Systems Reports

The Bonsucro M&E System Report provides an overview of the monitoring and evaluation practices and tools employed by Bonsucro, and the report supports Bonsucro’s compliance with the ISEAL Impacts Code.

Download Bonsucro’s M&E Systems Reports