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Bonsucro is a global network. We provide tools, connections and support across the entire industry to help develop professionalism and resilience in the businesses who work with sugarcane and its many products.

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A little more about us

Bonsucro is an organisation which believes in the power of sugarcane. In fact, we think it could be play a valuable role in solving many of the 21st Century’s problems. We aim to bring the supply chain together with an objective standard of excellence that not only helps businesses to improve, but also helps the sector collaborate to solve these problems and address opportunities. The Bonsucro Production Standard is the first global sugarcane standard.

A network for everyone who works with sugarcane

No matter which part of the supply chain you’re interested in, no matter the size or nature of your business: if you’re invested in sugarcane, and you want to ensure we all take the next step, you can do so as a member of Bonsucro.

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Helping businesses get recognised for excellence

Bonsucro exists to support sugarcane producers and processors, wherever you are on your path. Using the global Standard, and by sharing knowledge with those on a similar journey, you'll get the support you need to become more professional, more resilient and to demonstrate your performance to external stakeholders.

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