The Endorsement component of the B&E Programme is designed to support the uptake of the Bonsucro Principles and Criteria for sustainable sugarcane farming. It creates a framework for buyers, donors, producers etc. to help make an informed choice when deciding whether to invest/participate in the LIP. Endorsement will help businesses:

  • Make a high-level assessment of the viability of the programme design
  • Ensure that performance is measured relative to the Bonsucro Production Standard
  • Create an overview of programmes around the world and how they are related to each other and Bonsucro as a global platform
  • Share high level aggregated reports on progress against targets per geography

Endorsement Protocol – Consultation

Bonsucro is holding a consultation to develop the Bonsucro Endorsement Protocol, a process that will be used by Bonsucro to recognise and endorse Local Improvement Programmes (LIPs). The Endorsement Protocol is part of our Benchmarking and Endorsement (B&E) Programme that was developed to provide clarity and assurance about the schemes and programmes that farmers and millers can use to improve their performance. It also provides credible pathways for buyers, donors and other organisations to contribute to thriving, resilient and responsible producer communities.

History of the document

In early July 2017, Bonsucro held 3 webinars with our stakeholders in the Americas, Europe and Africa and Asia to introduce our Endorsement Programme and request feedback on the draft outline (V0.1) to ensure that Bonsucro delivers value to businesses and communities concerned about bringing more value to producer communities around the world. Based on the comments received, it was evident that a deeper review of the Endorsement process was required, not just to ensure credibility and reduce risk, but also to maintain a consistency of approach and alignment with other newly developed Bonsucro programmes such as Stepwise approach and the Production Standard for Smallholders.

Consultation documents

Bonsucro is holding a second consultation round on the draft version of the protocol. This consultation is to specifically review the requirements of the Endorsement Protocol and questions are listed at the end of each section (highlighted in yellow) of the document.

Download the Draft Endorsement Protocol – Round 2

Download Endorsement – Annual Reporting

Please provide feedback directly on this document or in an email (with question number) nahuel@bonsucro.com. Deadline for feedback is October 18, 2018.