The Endorsement component of the B&E Programme is designed to support the uptake of the Bonsucro Principles and Criteria for sustainable sugarcane farming. It creates a framework for buyers, donors, producers etc. to help make an informed choice when deciding whether to invest/participate in the LIP. Endorsement will help businesses:

  • Make a high-level assessment of the viability of the programme design
  • Ensure that performance is measured relative to the Bonsucro Production Standard
  • Create an overview of programmes around the world and how they are related to each other and Bonsucro as a global platform
  • Share high level aggregated reports on progress against targets per geography

Endorsement Protocol

The Endorsement Protocol is two-phased process that validates the design and effectiveness of a local improvement programme (LIP) in supporting a group of farmers and/or millers to improve their performance in sustainable sugarcane production. It builds on the benchmarking of schemes by recognising improvement programmes – based on schemes with either Advanced or Comprehensive alignment (or the Bonsucro Calculator) – that are operating effectively and delivering on outcomes for. While Benchmarking says something about what a scheme is and what it can do, Endorsement says something about how effective it is in achieving performance improvement.


We’re holding a consultation on the draft version of the protocol. This consultation is to specifically review the requirements of the Endorsement Protocol and questions are listed at the end of each section (highlighted in yellow in the document). Please provide feedback directly on this document or in an email (with question number) to catherine@bonsucro.com.

Download the Draft Endorsement Protocol

The deadline for feedback is May 25th.