Everything you need to know about public consultations

25th January 2017

We’re always trying to improve the way Bonsucro works. And anyone has the opportunity to contribute to our future by simply adding a comment with your thoughts. You can do so on this page.

Proposed Governance Changes

Bonsucro is evolving into a powerful, global platform for change in the sugarcane industry. This requires us to be more credible, representative and robust in terms of our operations.

The Bonsucro community has proposed a number of changes to ensure we’re able to meet these requirements:

  • Ensure the credibility of the Bonsucro Standard through a Technical Advisory Board (TAB);
  • Improved member engagement around strategic issues through a Members’ Council (MC)
  • Strengthen our legal and financial operations with a more focused and balanced Board.

You can read a full explanation of the proposed changes and access a range of supporting documents with the link below:


We also held a series of webinars in February to explain the proposed changes. The presentations from these webinars are available to download:

View (English)
View (Espagnol)
View (Portuguese)

These changes took effect on 1 July 2016.

Theory of Change & M&E Priority Indicators

As full member of ISEAL, Bonsucro works towards compliance with ISEAL’s Impacts Code. This aims to help us better understand:

  • the results of our work (in terms of sustainability)
  • the effectiveness of our programs.

As part of this process, we had to develop and consult about key aspects of our Monitoring and Evaluation System. Specifically, this included a Theory of Change and a list with Priority Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation. You can find and read the final documents here.

The documents were designed by the Secretariat and presented during Bonsucro Week 2013 in New Orleans for members to comment. Additionally, we carried out a public consultation on the website (between 26 November 2013 and 10 January 2014). During this time, any interested stakeholder could send comments about the two documents. We also proactively informed stakeholders about the opportunity to do so (via Twitter, the website, through ISEAL’s networks, on the Bonsucro bulletins, and on the signature block of staff members).

There were 491 visits to the consultation page but we didn’t receive any comments.

Old Documents

View the Consultation Form for Priority Indicators for M&E
View the Consultation Form for Theory of Change