Our Impacts

Bonsucro strives to monitor and evaluate the key outcomes and impacts achieved by the sustainable sugarcane sector using the Bonsucro platform.

Key Numbers

Regional Impacts

Sugarcane is grown in over 100 countries. Bonsucro has over 500 members in 40+ countries, and certified mills in 13 countries.

Read the Regional Impact Stories below to find out more about how Bonsucro is being used by the sugarcane industry to demonstrate sustainability in their sugarcane production.

Outcome Report 2018

The 2017-18 season was a year of expansion, innovation and continuous improvement for Bonsucro, as we continued on our journey towards a sustainable sugarcane sector with thriving producer communities and responsible, resilient supply chains. The sector as a whole continues to face multiple challenges, including climate change, water scarcity and sugar price volatility. As the sector makes strides towards raising productivity sustainably to feed the growing global population, it is also diversifying to support the circular economy by contributing to innovative fuels and bio materials.

In Bonsucro’s Outcome Report 2018, read more about the outcomes and impacts that Bonsucro and its members are having around the world, contributing to the vision of a more sustainable sugarcane industry.

Key highlights

  • Higher Yields: there are an additional 11.13 tonnes of sugarcane yielded per hectare on Bonsucro certified farms compared to the average farm
  • Water use at certified mills is 3 times less that 2013 levels, equivalent to 54 billion cups of water saved
  • Bonsucro certifications reach 160,000 workers & support communities of over 600,000 people
  • Farms certified for >4 years have on average 40% fewer accidents than newly certified farms
  • Wages are on average 22% above the national minimum wage
  • There has been an avoidance of 1.7 million tonnes of CO2 eq. emissions compared to 2013 (including land-use change), which is equivalent to annual emissions of 1.2 million cars
  • $278,000 was invested in Bonsucro improvement programmes in 2018

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Ingenio La Providencia becomes first Bonsucro certified mill in Argentina


China & Bonsucro

Supporting the SDGs

Bonsucro’s Theory of Change focuses on delivery of Bonsucro’s vision and mission and seeks to understand Bonsucro’s contribution toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Bonsucro has mapped the SDGs where the sustainable sugarcane sector is most likely to have an impact and we communicate regularly about our contribution to achieving the SDGs. In order to assess the contribution we collect metric data from certified farms and mills around the world and present aggregate findings around critical topic areas such as water, climate change, environmental and biodiversity protection, workers’ rights, health and safety, amongst others.

We believe Bonsucro has an important role to play in achieving the SDGs by:

  • Supporting alignment and consensus building among key stakeholders on all levels in the sugarcane sector
  • Promoting sector transparency on progress toward achieving sustainability
  • Facilitating collective action to overcome key challenges producers are facing in their process to improve performance
  • Providing support, tools, and services that enable social, environmental and economic performance improvement at farm and mill levels

Graphic adapted from the Bonsucro Outcome Report 2016/2017 – where more recent figures are available they have been updated above. 

Infographic: © Joe Woodruff / Bonsucro


Issue Impacts

Climate Change
Herbicides & Pesticides

Water & Bonsucro
Worker Safety

Labour Rights & Bonsucro
Minimum Wage

Smallholders & Bonsucro

Buyer Impacts

ED&F Man

What’s behind a Bonsucro Chain of Custody Certification?

Louis Dreyfus Commodities

Louis Dreyfus Commodities


Sucden looks to Bonsucro for Supply Chain Sustainability with Bonsucro

Monitoring & Evaluation

Our Monitoring and Evaluation system is designed to collect and analyse data about Bonsucro’s work and the work of its members, partners and other stakeholders.

Read more about Bonsucro’s M&E system here.

Bonsucro & Renovabio: Exploring synergies and advancing GHG reduction in Brazil

Project partners: Earth innovation Institute and Agroicone
Project length: 12 months Budget: $22,347,79
Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals:

RenovaBio is a Brazilian biofuel policy designed to decrease Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions by 10% by 2029 [compared to 2018], in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change. It aims to do this by incentivising fuel distributors to blend more biofuels into their products. RenovaBio has established a certification scheme for biofuel, towards which Brazilian sugarcane mills are working, that will enable them to trade decarbonisation credits on the Brazilian stock exchange.

Bonsucro continuously seeks to grow awareness and adoption of its standard. In Brazil, this can be achieved by aligning its framework with RenovaBio to optimise costs and time for mills. In 2019, Bonsucro received a grant of US $22,000 from the Earth Innovation Institute to provide a common understanding of how RenovaBio works and how other regions might benefit from this approach.

Bonsucro addressed the topic at Bonsucro Global Week in Bangkok in March 2019, and through three stakeholder forums in Brazil. The Bonsucro team also commissioned a technical comparison study, which enabled the organisation to understand how best to align with RenovaBio’s requirements.

The study has been shared with key stakeholders in Brazil and the project is now complete. Bonsucro is working to incorporate the study’s findings and recommendations through its ongoing Production Standard Revision process.

By aligning opportunities of optimisation, joint work and integration with the Brazilian Government and reflecting it in the Bonsucro Standard, Bonsucro can help to ensure that more producers adopt sustainability standards like Bonsucro.