Our Impacts

Bonsucro strives to monitor and evaluate the key outcomes and impacts achieved by the sustainable sugarcane sector using the Bonsucro platform.

Key Numbers

Outcome Report 2018

Bonsucro’s annual Outcome Report presents the latest results from Bonsucro and its members.

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Regional Impacts

Sugarcane is grown in over 100 countries. Bonsucro has over 500 members in 40+ countries, and certified mills in 13 countries.

Read the Regional Impact Stories below to find out more about how Bonsucro is being used by the sugarcane industry to demonstrate sustainability in their sugarcane production.






Ingenio La Providencia becomes first Bonsucro certified mill in Argentina


China & Bonsucro

Supporting the SDGs

Bonsucro’s Theory of Change focuses on delivery of Bonsucro’s vision and mission and seeks to understand Bonsucro’s contribution toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Bonsucro has mapped the SDGs where the sustainable sugarcane sector is most likely to have an impact and we communicate regularly about our contribution to achieving the SDGs. In order to assess the contribution we collect metric data from certified farms and mills around the world and present aggregate findings around critical topic areas such as water, climate change, environmental and biodiversity protection, workers’ rights, health and safety, amongst others.

We believe Bonsucro has an important role to play in achieving the SDGs by:

  • Supporting alignment and consensus building among key stakeholders on all levels in the sugarcane sector
  • Promoting sector transparency on progress toward achieving sustainability
  • Facilitating collective action to overcome key challenges producers are facing in their process to improve performance
  • Providing support, tools, and services that enable social, environmental and economic performance improvement at farm and mill levels

Graphic adapted from the Bonsucro Outcome Report 2016/2017 – where more recent figures are available they have been updated above. 

Infographic: © Joe Woodruff / Bonsucro


Issue Impacts

Climate Change
Herbicides & Pesticides

Water & Bonsucro
Worker Safety

Labour Rights & Bonsucro
Minimum Wage

Smallholders & Bonsucro

Buyer Impacts

ED&F Man

What’s behind a Bonsucro Chain of Custody Certification?

Louis Dreyfus Commodities

Louis Dreyfus Commodities


Sucden looks to Bonsucro for Supply Chain Sustainability with Bonsucro

Monitoring & Evaluation

Our Monitoring and Evaluation system is designed to collect and analyse data about Bonsucro’s work and the work of its members, partners and other stakeholders.

Read more about Bonsucro’s M&E system here.