Standards Development

Standards Development

Bonsucro, as a multi-stakeholder organisation, seeks to engage members when changes are proposed and made to the Standard. Here you will find detailed information about this process and current work on standards development, as well as information on how these key documents were created.

To read about the development of the Bonsucro Production Standard version 4.0, download this summary of the process. The development of the standard followed the ISEAL Standard Setting Code to ensure multi-stakeholder involvement.

Smallholder Standard and Calculator Development Process

Download the revised standard here. Thank you to all those that participated in the development process!

The Bonsucro Production Standard has been under review for the smallholder context since March 2017, when the review was approved by the board. Smallholder farmers are a crucial component in many sugarcane industries around the world. To ensure that smallholders have the same opportunities for performance improvement as other producers, Bonsucro embarked on a review of the Bonsucro Production Standard and the Certification System in the smallholder context.

The review of the Bonsucro Production Standard in the smallholder context included the following:

  • Participation from 50+ members and stakeholders in online consultations
  • Workshops at Bonsucro Technical Week in Mexico, India, and Thailand
  • On-farm visits for smallholder feedback in India, Brazil, Thailand, and Mexico
  • Input and leadership from the Smallholder Steering Committee

Following the review, the standard and calculator were developed with the Smallholder Steering Committee and brought to two rounds of public consultations.

The first consultation period was open 15th December to 15th February 2018, and the second round of consultation was open from 9th April to 9th May 2018. Over 230 comments were received from wide participation globally, including three on-farm pilots involving certification bodies.

You are welcome to download the most recent public drafts here. These have been revised following comments received during the public consultation period and agreements from the Smallholder Steering Committee.

If you have any questions please contact Sonia Slavinski.

Smallholder Steering Committee

Roger ArmitageTSGRO- Smallholder Programme
Dr. Lorena CasanovaPrograma Sustenables para Certificacion
Dr. ManjuEast Asia Sugar Group
Shauna Alexander MohrED&F Man
Ingrid RichardsonUnilever
Dr. S. RaghuEID Parry
Iver DrabaekNordzucker
Natasha SchwarzbachPepsiCo


If you have any questions about the review, please contact us. Bonsucro is a full member of the ISEAL Alliance and conducts the process of standards revision in accordance with the ISEAL Standard Setting Code.

Key Process Documents