Bonsucro Connect

A revolutionary cloud-based tool for the sugarcane industry

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Bonsucro Connect is an online tool that enables users to monitor and demonstrate sustainability in their supply chains.

Sugarcane- derived products have complex global supply chains that are difficult to analyse. For those who want to see a more sustainable sugarcane industry, this can be a major barrier to change.


However, Bonsucro Connect helps to solve that problem. The tool offers:

  • A digital Bonsucro Calculator
  • Visualisations of performance for producers for mills and farms (live benchmarking through a ‘smart dashboard’)
  • Facilitation of the audit process
  • Scorecards to track progress
  • Availability in English, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Option to submit  due diligence self assessment form

Introduction to Bonsucro Connect

Download an overview to the tool:

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  • Bonsucro Members: Register, and once we confirm your email and member number, SupplyShift will send you a username and password within 24 hours.
  • Certified Producers (mills & farms): Register and the primary contact will receive a unique username and password that will grant you access to your company’s previous calculators so you’ll be able to see performance over the years.


  • Non-members can explore a limited access Calculator by registering and selecting ‘non-member’.

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