Bonsucro aims to make learning about sugarcane sustainability easy, so we host a variety of training courses for practitioners and change-enablers. During these sessions, you can learn everything from the fundamentals of the Bonsucro Standards, to the Bonsucro Calculator and Certification. We can even develop a unique training programme, tailored to your individual needs.

We offer training in a number of ways, in a number of languages. Please see our different training options below. If you’d like to find out more about our training events, including dates and prices, please contact

  • Bonsucro Technical Weeks
  • Bonsucro Academy
  • Private Member Trainings

Bonsucro Technical Week

Bonsucro Technical Week is the ideal event for practitioners of the Bonsucro Platform and Certification System.  Join us for a weeklong event aimed at increasing technical knowledge, connecting with peers and introducing new tools and resources.

This event will include auditor/expert qualification training, introduction training, introduction to Bonsucro Connect, national/regional workshops, and a field trip.

Technical Week dates:

For more information on Bonsucro Technical Week, please contact us.

Bonsucro Academy

Bonsucro has recently launched its new Bonsucro Academy: an online training & resource portal for performance improvement and sustainable sugarcane certification. This online platform allows you to register for courses to learn more about the Bonsucro Standards, Products and Tools anywhere you are around the globe.

Courses that are currently available online:

  • Introduction to Bonsucro
  • Chain of Custody Qualification Training
  • Production & ChoC Re-qualification Training
  • Chain of Custody Re-qualification Training
  • Introduction to Connect

Additional courses that will be available online by July 2018:

  • Auditor / Expert Qualification or Re-qualification Training
  • Gap Assesment Training
  • How to write effective H&S Plans
  • Designing an Environmental Impact Management Plan

For further information, please visit Bonsucro Academy.

Private Member Training

Bonsucro is able to help member companies with specific requests to run training on the Bonsucro Production Standard, Chain of Custody and Credit Trading System. This can include briefings to members and their suppliers or customers, speaking at closed events or assistance in “rolling out” internal programmes.

For further information, please contact

Licensed Training Providers

Licensed Training Providers are also available to deliver training on the Bonsucro Certification System, the Production Standard and Bonsucro Calculator behalf of Bonsucro. Training Providers have been selected for their knowledge on the Bonsucro Certification System and technical knowledge of the sugarcane sector.

To become a Bonsucro Authorised Trainer, please contact

  • Control Union Certifications

    Control Union Certifications is a worldwide certification body with a main focus on sustainability. We offer a one-stop-shop for a wide range of certification programs in agriculture, food, feed, forest products, textiles and bio energy. Our programs are managed in a decentralised way with accreditations that reduce dependency on any one authoritative body. Key focus areas of our certification programs are food safety, sustainability, recycling, footprint and social aspects.Due to its aim to increase the sustainability of the sugarcane market, Bonsucro is one of Control Union´s key certification programs. Control Union has been involved in the dissemination of and auditing against the Bonsucro Standard since its creation in 2011.

    Based on the knowledge acquired during this process, Control Union develops and conducts training sessions for companies interested in gaining knowledge on Bonsucro.

    Fabio Beltrame,
    Telephone: + 55 11 3035-1600 +551130351600

    Visit CUC

  • SGSSGS-Licensed-Training-Bodies

    SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 90,000 employees, we operate a network of more than 2,000 offices and laboratories around the world. We enable you to demonstrate that your products, processes, systems or services are compliant with either national or international standards and regulations or customer defined standards, through certification.

    As the leader in providing specialized business solutions that improve quality, safety and productivity and reduce risk, we help customers navigate an increasingly regulated world. Our independent services add significant value to our customers’ operations and ensure business sustainability.

    As well as delivering services that promote sustainable development, our values also show a commitment to corporate sustainability. For us, sustainability is about managing a long-term profitable business while taking into account all the positive and negative environmental, social and economic effects we have on society.


    Fabian Gonçalves,
    Telephone: +55 11 3883 8800 +55 11 97599 7923

    Visit SGS

  • Araújo RTC

    ARTC is a Brazilian company specialising in risk management and training, with extensive experience in the bio energy, oil and gas sectors. Possessing a multidisciplinary team of professionals, ARTC provides training in diverse areas of sustainability; generating intelligent and reliable solutions for our clients.

    We are fully qualified and certified to carry out HSE (health, safety and environmental) and Bonsucro training.


    Carolina Araújo:
    Telephone: +55 (16) 99133 5300, +55 (16) 3237 0208

  • HSEQ Camero Consulting

    HSEQ Camero Consulting is a Latin-American company specialized in business transformation with a wide experience in HSE and training. Understanding the key position of the sugar cane in the development and growing of our region HSEQ Camero Consulting offers professionals certified and trained by Bonsucro.

    HSEQ Camero Consulting es una compañía latinoamericana especializada en transformación empresarial con una amplia experiencia en temas de HSE y entrenamiento. Entendiendo la posición clave que tiene la caña de azúcar para el desarrollo y crecimiento de nuestra región, HSEQ Camero cConsulting ofrece profesionales entrenados y certificados por Bonsucro.


    Hector Camero:
    Telephone: +573143478291

Qualified Experts and Auditors

To improve access to knowledge on the Bonsucro system and help our members and other stakeholders to work with competent partners, Bonsucro publishes the list of all participants who have passed the official qualifying Bonsucro exam.

To each of them a certificate has been issued. Always ask to see it when you contract any new partners to guarantee maximum knowledge of your service providers.

Production Standard + Chain of Custody Trained Auditors & Consultants

CompanyIndividual CategoryCountryFirst NameLast NameE-mailTraining Level
Cert - Auditor (Passed)
Cert - IDAuditorThailandNitTanasuthiserinit.t@businesssustain.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SCS Global ServicesAuditorColombiaJorgeGomezi.ajorgehernangomez@gmail.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Cert - Auditor (Passed)
Control UnionAuditorIndiaSajanSethumadhavanssethumadhavan@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SCS Global ServicesAuditorEcuadorLeenKlaassenleen@bqs.ecExpert Auditor (Passed)
SCS Global ServicesAuditorEl SalvadorDenisseOrtezdenisseortez@gmail.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
LRQAAuditorBrazilMarcelMarques de Auditor (Passed)
Intertek do BrasilConsultantBrazilNadiaAzevedonadia.azevedo@intertek.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
CONTROL UNIONAuditorColombiaFairuzDiazfdiaz@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
GAP Consultores Auditor (Passed)
GAP Consultores S.R.L.ConsultantArgentinaAndresSylvestre Begnisasbegnis@gmail.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
LISKA INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING COMPANY S.A.ConsultantGuatemalaAna LisbethCarranzalcarranza@liskaicc.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control UnionAuditorArgentinaEnriqueDel Corchioedelcorchio@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Integra De La Sierra Auditor (Passed)
Programas Sustentables para Certificaci?nNGO/Civil SocietyMexicoLorenaCasanova P?rezlorena@agrosustentables.orgExpert Auditor (Passed)
SolidaridadNGO/Civil SocietyMexicoErnestoCavazosErnesto@solidaridadnetwork.orgExpert Auditor (Passed)
ProforestNGO/Civil SocietyMexicoEstebanFigueroaesteban@proforest.netExpert Auditor (Passed)
SCSAuditorMexicoVictorFigueroa Auditor (Passed)
Control UnionAuditorArgentinaIgnacioFalconeifalcone@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control UnionAuditorMexicoMaricruzRodriguez Herreram.rodriguez@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SRK ConsultingConsultantSouth Auditor (Passed) Auditor (Passed)
SRKConsultantSouth Auditor (Passed)
Sandra Kruger & AssociatesConsultantSouth Auditor (Passed)
FMB Management ServicesConsultantSouth AfricaFran?oisBothafbotha@telkomsa.netExpert Auditor (Passed)
SGS Global ServicesAuditorAustraliaNickCapobiancoNCapobianco@scsglobalservices.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Forest and Timber Compliance Group Pty Auditor (Passed)
Global StandardsConsultantThailandNattaponMeekaewnattapon@global-standards.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Imani Consultant LimitedConsultantSouth AfricaLucaDesideriluca@imanidevelopment.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Partner AfricaConsultantZambiaErnestMuzukutwazambia@partnerafrica.netExpert Auditor (Passed)
Araujo Auditor (Passed)
Araujo Auditor (Passed)
Associa??o Control Union CertificatesAuditorBrazilDaniloAnjos Auditor (Passed)
Campo SAConsultantBrazilCamilaSchorr Auditor (Passed)
Cert IDAuditorBrazilEddie FranciscoG? Auditor (Passed)
SGSAuditorBrazilMaria Cl?udiaMartinelli Trabulsimcmtrabulsi@hotmail.comExpert Auditor (Passed) Auditor (Passed)
Control UnionAuditorBrazilJuliano Auditor (Passed)
LRQA Auditor (Passed)
Control Auditor (Passed)
Control UnionAuditorBrazilDanielleda Silva Auditor (Passed)
SGSAuditorBrazilFabian PeresGoncalvesFabian.Goncalves@sgs.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SGSAuditorBrazilLucasEngelbrechtlucas.engelbrecht@sgs.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Sysflor/SCSAuditorBrazilLucianoLisbao Auditor (Passed)
SCS Global Services / Auditor (Passed)
SCSAuditorBrazilVanildaRosangela de Auditor (Passed)
SGSAuditorBrazilFabianoLuiz da Auditor (Passed)
Control UnionAuditorBrazilKarinaSena Passoskspassos@yahoo.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
biO3 - meio ambiente e sustentabilidadeConsultantBrazilAndr? Auditor (Passed)
CU Inspections & Certifications
India Pvt. Ltd
AuditorIndiaKishorPatowarikishorp@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
CU Inspections & Certifications
India Pvt. Ltd
AuditorIndiaMrigankaModakmrigankam@controlunion.inExpert Auditor (Passed)
CU Inspections & Certifications
India Pvt. Ltd
AuditorIndiaKanchangauriBhosalekbhosale@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control UnionAuditorSingaporeSeth WangZhi Yusethzy@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control Union Singapore Pte LtdAuditorIndonesiaMirandaRienstramrienstra@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control Union World Group
(Thailand) Co., Ltd
AuditorThailandThanakritHomsirithomsiri@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control Union World Group
(Thailand) Co., Ltd
AuditorThailandJaurwatBoonrodjboonrod@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control Union World Group
(Thailand) Co., Ltd
AuditorThailandM.S.Nachappamsnachappa@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control UnionAuditorEl SalvadorMaria ClaraLissarragueclissarrague@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control UnionAuditorArgentinaMariaMagdalena Casasmcasas@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control UnionAuditorArgentinaEstebanFlegoeflego@onepeterson.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
HSEQ CameroConsultantColombiaHectorCamerohcamero@hseqcamero.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
HSEQ CameroConsultantColombiaJuanGallonjcgallon@hseqcamero.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
HSEQ CameroConsultantColombiaJoseTobarjtobar@hseqcamero.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control Union Per?AuditorPeruSwingTorrespkuriyama@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
AGDYSA SA de CVConsultantEl SalvadorEmmanuelJarquin Romeroemmrijarquin@gmail.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SolidaridadNGO/Civil SocietySouth AfricaJohnsonKudzaishe Bungujohnson@solidaridadnetwork.orgExpert Auditor (Passed)
SRK ConsultingConsultantSouth Auditor (Passed)
SRK ConsultingConsultantSouth Auditor (Passed)
SRK ConsultingConsultantSouth Auditor (Passed)
Cert Auditor (Passed)
WWF GuatemalaNGO/Civil SocietyGuatemalaSoniaSolisssolis@wwfca.orgExpert Auditor (Passed)
SCS Global CertificationAuditorMexicoBraulioDelgado Fierrobraulio_delgado1@hotmail.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SGS (Thailand) LtdAuditorThailandNarintornSoontornstitNarintorn.Soontornstit@sgs.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SGS (Thailand) LtdAuditorThailandPanitRaphiphanPanit.Raphiphan@sgs.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SCS Global (Australia) Auditor (Passed)
SGS (China) LtdAuditorChinaHelenSHANGGUANHelen.Shangguan@sgs.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SGS (China) LtdAuditorChinaCrystalCHICrystal.Chi@sgs.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SGS (China) LtdAuditorChinaNeilYAONeil.Yao@sgs.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SGS (China) LtdAuditorChinaLindaTANGLinda-XL.Tang@sgs.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control Union (India)AuditorIndiaSudeepNairsnair@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
CUCAuditorBrazilVirginia Auditor (Passed) Auditor (Passed)
SGSAuditorBrazilRosemeireD' Auditor (Passed)
SGSAuditorBrazilMaryde Auditor (Passed)
LRQAAuditorBrazilPauloSgaipaulo.sgai@lrqa.comExpert Auditor (Passed) Auditor (Passed)
SolidaridadNGO/Civil SocietyMexicoRodolfoGarciaRodolfo@solidaridadnetwork.orgExpert Auditor (Passed)
Control UnionAuditorBrazilViniciusGonzalez Auditor (Passed)
SCS Global Services, USAAuditorUSANeilMendenhallNMendenhall@scsglobalservices.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SCS Global Services, USAAuditorUSAEricSmithESmith@scsglobalservices.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SCS Global Services, El SalvadorAuditorEl SalvadorDenisseOrtezdenisseortez@gmail.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
SCS Global Services, EcuadorAuditorEcuadorLeenKlaassenleen@bqs.ecExpert Auditor (Passed)
SCS Global Services, ColombiaAuditorColombiaGloriaSantandergloriosantander@gmail.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Licensed CBAuditorUSAAlonsoSalinasasalinas@controlunion.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
IntertekConsultantBrazilBruna Amorim dosSantosbruna.santos@intertek.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
IntertekConsultantBrazilAnaNevesana.neves@intertek.comExpert Auditor (Passed)
Associa??o Control Union Auditor (Passed)

Chain of Custody Trained Auditors

CompanyIndividual CategoryCountryFirst NameLast NameE-mailTraining Level
SCS GlobalAuditorChinaJingtingZhouJZhou@scsglobalservices.comChoC Auditor Auditor Auditor
CertIDAuditorThailandNitTanasuthiserinit.t@businesssustain.comChoC Auditor
SCS GlobalAuditorEl SalvadorDenisseOrtezdenisseortez@gmail.comChoC Auditor
SCS GlobalAuditorUSAGloria OmairaSantander Valderramagloriosantander@gmail.comChoC Auditor
SCS GlobalAuditorUSADindaTrisnadiDTrisnadi@scsglobalservices.comChoC Auditor
SCS GlobalAuditorUSAStefanTeusanteusan@scscertified.deChoC Auditor
SCS GlobalAuditorUSAInnaKitaychikIKitaychik@scsglobalservices.comChoC Auditor
SCS GlobalAuditorUSALeenKlassenleen@bqs.ecChoC Auditor
Cert Auditor
Cert IDAuditorCosta RicaChristopherDye Morachdye@nogalcr.comChoC Auditor
Control Auditor
Control Auditor
Control Auditor
Control Auditor
Control Auditor
SGSAuditorBrazilFabianGon?alvesFabian.Goncalves@sgs.comChoC Auditor
SGSAuditorBrazilLucasEngelbrechtLucas.Engelbrecht@sgs.comChoC Auditor
SGSAuditorBrazilDurvalinoVaz Auditor
SGSAuditorBrazilLaurentJacques BerthierLaurent.Berthier@sgs.comChoC Auditor Auditor
Bio3 Auditor Auditor
Control Auditor
SGS (Thailand) LtdAuditorThailandSuttiphongLoharangsikulsuttiphong.loharangsikul@sgs.comChoC Auditor
SGS (Thailand) LtdAuditorThailandNarintornSoontornstitNarintorn.Soontornstit@sgs.comChoC Auditor
SGS India Pvt. Ltd.AuditorIndiaAmreshPandeyamresh.pandey@sgs.comChoC Auditor
Control UnionAuditorAsafBen Yaishbasaf@controlunion.comChoC Auditor
Control UnionAuditorRosalindHobartrhobart@controlunion.comChoC Auditor
Control UnionAuditorGlennFeryngferyn@controlunion.comChoC Auditor
CertIDAuditorAlejandraRodriguez Quesadaarodriguez@nogalcr.comChoC Auditor
Control UnionAuditorTanzaniaMarkPros?mprose@controlunion.comChoC Auditor
Control UnionAuditorIsraelMoradStanislavskimstanislavski@controlunion.comChoC Auditor
Control UnionAuditorIsraelUdiGabayygabay@controlunion.comChoC Auditor
Control UnionAuditorNetherlandsJanMonesjmones@controlunion.comChoC Auditor
BSIConsultantUSAMichikoShimaMichiko.shima@bsigroup.comChoC Auditor
Control UnionAuditorNetherlandsJadePetersjpeters@controlunion.comChoC Auditor
SCS GlobalAuditorBrazilCharlesPopecpope@scsglobalservices.comChoC Auditor
SCS GlobalAuditorUSAMatthewRudolfmatthew.rudolf@gmail.comChoC Auditor
SGSAuditorBelgiumEddyHeuvelinkChoC Auditor
Control UnionAuditorUSAJudyAmayajudy.amaya@gmail.comChoC Auditor
Control UnionAuditorUSAJudyAmayajamaya@controlunion.comChoC Auditor
SCSAuditorBrazilAdrianaCalaadriana.cala@calaconsultants.comChoC Auditor

Smallholder Standard Trained Auditors

CompanyIndividual CategoryCountryFirst NameLast NameE-mailTraining Level
Cert - IDAuditorThailandNitTanasuthiserinit.t@businesssustain.comSmallholder Standard
Control UnionAuditorIndiaKishore


Smallholder Standard
Control UnionAuditorIndiaSudeepNairsnair@controlunion.comSmallholder Standard