Credit Trading


We’ve launched a Credit Trading System. After purchasing credits, companies can earn the right to make a public claim of their support to the sustainable production of sugarcane products.

The Principle

The Credit Trading System allows mills to sell their quotas independently of any physical shipment.

The system is only accessible to Bonsucro members. The following section provides you with information and the steps to follow to either make a trade.  

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bonsucro.

Certified Mill

When you are certified and after each audit, you’re given an estimated volume of certified products. This is your quota of certified products.

There are  two options to sell this quota: via mass balance and physical trade, or via the Credit Trading System.

No matter how you sell your quota, you will need to maintain an accounting system that ensures you do not oversell your quota. This will be verified by the certification body during your annual audits. Therefore your accounting system must be upgraded to include the trade of credits.

  1. Before you organise your first sale, you must sign the Bonsucro terms and conditions.
  2. Buyers will contact you directly to organise the purchase of credits.
  3. It is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient quota to complete the sale.
  4. If you oversell, you will be held responsible and may be at risk of losing your certificate.
  5. When the sale has been agreed and finalised, you must register it with Bonsucro (
  6. Any credits sold via the CTS must be deducted from your total certified quota.


If you want to claim your support to sustainable production of sugarcane, you can now purchase credits of certified products.

1. Purchase credits by contacting one of the certified mills listed on our website.
2. Negotiate directly with the mill for the credits and agree terms of sale. Note: certain sales elements are required by us.
3. Purchase and pay your credits. You will be able to purchase credits from different years depending on their availability. The credits have a validity of three years and mills may offer credits from three different production years. You can purchase any of these.
4. Once payment has been received by the certified mill, you will then need to contact Bonsucro.
5. Bonsucro will register the operation and you will receive a certificate of purchase.
6. Whenever you buy credits, you will be charged a handling fee of US$0.30/T and US$1/T contribution fees which will be used to improve Bonsucro.
7. Prior to making any claims, you will have to sign a trademark use licensing agreement.
8. The purchase of credits will allow you to make public claims against the purchase of credits and your support to sustainable production of sugarcane. The claim must be in line with the Bonsucro Claim and Labelling policies available on the members-only area.
9. Bonsucro will approve the claim prior to publication.

Bonsucro will keep track of the sale and purchase of credits and will publish aggregated data of trades.

For further information contact, or to read more about purchasing Bonsucro Certified products here.