The first ever Bonsucro Technical Week

20 – 24 March | Campinas, São Paulo State, Brazil
Supported by Biosev


Learn, Share, Connect.

If you purchase or trade Brazilian sugarcane products and seek increased supply chain sustainability, Bonsucro Technical Week is an essential opportunity to understand the concrete steps you and your supply chain can take to achieve your goals pertaining to verified sustainable sourcing through the Bonsucro platform and certification system.

Biosev is providing Bonsucro Technical Week in Brazil with institutional support and will host the field trip. 

Join the weeklong series of events, or choose only the events most relevant to your colleagues and supply chain partners (traders, millers, and others):

  • Attend Introduction Training: Join a day-and-a-half introduction training to understand Bonsucro and how your Brazilian/Latin American suppliers can meet your sourcing commitments
  • Qualify as an Expert or Auditor: Joining the full three-day training session (20th to 22nd March) will enable suppliers to have an in-depth understanding of the Bonsucro Certification System to be prepared for implementation
  • Learn about Bonsucro Connect: Bonsucro’s new IT Platform can support tracking supply and performance data in real-time and improving traceability and transparency of supply chains (read more here)
  • Take part in the Local Guidance Workshop
  • Join a Field Trip: Visit Biosev’s Leme mill to see sugarcane processing in action


  • Introduction Training: $300 USD
  • Qualification Training:  $1,075 USD with free field trip
  • Refresher training: $300USD including free field trip
  • Field Trip: $100USD
  • Introduction to Bonsucro Connect: Free, registration required
  • Local Guidance Workshop: Free, registration required


Hotel Meliá Campinas

Rua Severo Penteado, 140 – Cambuí

CEP 13025-050 Campinas, Brasil

T: +55 19 37538028

To book a room at the hotel, contact the hotel directly via the details below, mentioning that you are a Bonsucro Technical Week participant:

Ana Julia ou Ligia

+55 19 3753 8002 / +55 19 3753 8029

What’s included?

  • Introduction Training

    Introduction to the Bonsucro Certification System, including the Bonsucro Production Standard and Chain of Custody, and an introduction to the Bonsucro Calculator. (1.5 days, 300 USD)
  • Implementation Experience Sharing

    As part of Technical Week, we welcome everyone involved in the technical side of Bonsucro to come and share their successes and to debate and discuss how to find solutions for common problems. The makeup of the workshops will be context specific and adapted to different countries. Open to all free of charge.
  • Auditor/Expert Qualification Training

    This training supports qualification for Lead Auditors and Technical Managers. This also provide an in-depth training for quality/H&S/certification/environmental managers at the mill/farm level. The training concludes with an exam that is graded by the Bonsucro secretariat. (3.5 days, 1,075 USD with discounts available on the registration page).
  • Local Guidance Workshop

    Join Bonsucro’s first open local guidance workshop, where we will discuss the process for developing local indicators/interpretation and how to improve implementation. Open to all free of charge.
  • Field Trip

    Bonsucro is working with event partner Biosev and its Leme mill. to provide a ‘real world’ tour of a mill in action. Provides a learning opportunity for those in the Qualification Training to hear from a mill team and/or following a gap audit showcasing the work a farm and/or mill has done to improve sustainability.

    About Biosev

    The second largest global sugar cane processor, Biosev S.A. produces sugar, ethanol, animal feed, yeast, molasses powder and energy. With administrative centers in the cities of São Paulo and Sertãozinho, both in the State of São Paulo, it operates 11 agroindustrial units distributed in five poles located in the Southeast, Midwest and Northeast Regions of Brazil, and a sugar export terminal in the Port of Santos (SP).Biosev was created in 2000, following the acquisition of Cresciumal Mill, the current Leme Mill, by the Louis Dreyfus Group, its controlling shareholder. It opened its capital in April 2013 and trades in the Novo Mercado segment of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (BM & FBovespa).

    About Leme Mill
    • Cane processed – 2,1 million tonnes
    • Storage Sugar – 6 thousand tons
    • Storage Ethanol – 48 mil m³
    • Energy – 36 MW
    • Products – Sugar, anhydrous alcohol, hydrated alcohol, energy, dry yeast



Day one

Monday, March 20th

Auditor/Expert qualification | 9am-5pm
Introduction training | 9am-5pm

Day two

Tuesday, March 21st

Auditor/Expert qualification | 9am-5pm
Introduction training | 9am-5pm

Day three

Wednesday March 22nd

Auditor/Expert qualification | 9am-5pm
Including exam | 2pm-5pm

Day four

Thursday, March 23rd

Introduction to Bonsucro Connect
Technical experience sharing
Refresher training
Local guidance training

Day five

Friday 24th March

Field trip - Leme Mill
Estrada Vicinal José de Souza Queiroz Filho, km 12 – Zona rural – CEP 13610-970 – Caixa postal 50 – Tel. (19) 3573-7200 – Fax (19) 3573-7200
Link to location on Google Maps: (click on Leme Mill icon)
(Subject to availability)

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20-24 March 2017 / Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil