Water, Rest, Shade & Sanitation: maintaining a healthy and productive workforce

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We are organising a webinar on 28 September at 3:00 PM BST   in collaboration with Vinmonopolet, Systembolaget, Alko and La Isla Network to introduce issues on heat stress and the damaging effects it may have for workers in the sugarcane sector.

Through a platform known as the Adelante Initiative, La Isla Network and industry partners have researched the health effects of manual harvesting of sugarcane and identified heat stress as a leading cause of acute injuries and chronic illness among the workforce. Through evaluation of work practices and the introduction of occupational health interventions for field workers, promising results from the Water, Rest, Shade & Sanitation program have indicated a significant improvement in workers’ health and a positive ROI for the mill based on net gain in productivity.

Audience: Members (supply chain, procurement, and corporate responsibility teams)
Sourcing from any sectors where the following three issues exist:
• Hot environment
• Heavy work
• Inadequate labour protections

• Learning about possible health risks to workers due to heat stress and the importance of keeping your workers healthy in order to gain optimal efficiency.
• Learning how to assess workloads and provide acclimatization at the start of the season, in order to create optimal health and efficiency for workers.
• Learning how to provide sufficient amounts of water, rest breaks and appropriate shade, in order to keep workers healthy and productive. Best practices to be provided as examples.
• Learning about best practices on sanitation, that are affordable and practical solutions.