What is Bonsucro?

We are an organisation which believes in the power of sugarcane. In fact, we think it could be the key to to solving many of the 21st Century’s problems. We aim to bring the supply chain together with an independent standard of excellence that not only helps businesses to go faster, but helps the sector to solve these problems as a united entity. The Bonsucro Standard is the first of its kind in this sector.

What is Bonsucro’s purpose?

To transform the sugarcane industry.

What is Bonsucro’s vision?

A sustainable sector that improves all the time.

What’s Bonsucro’s mission?

The Bonsucro network is designed to help businesses that have an interest in sugarcane to learn and improve. We believe that if we all make improvements like this together, we’ll make an even bigger difference across the sector. We’re stronger in numbers.

Why does the sugarcane industry need to be sustainable?

No matter where you look, demand for responsibly produced goods is on the up. The sugarcane sector is no exception. We think that an independent certification program is a great tool to beat this challenge and many others too, because it ensures we are all steering the ship in the same direction. And by making our sector more sustainable, we’re not only making our businesses more profitable places to work, we’re doing our bit for the planet.

What is sustainability in the sugarcane industry?

Better practices in the supply chain will lead to a more sustainable sugarcane industry. The Bonsucro Production Standard is a tool which looks at the five biggest social and environmental impacts from sugarcane:

  • Legal compliance
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem impacts
  • Human rights
  • Production and processing
  • Continuous improvement

What is the ISEAL Alliance?

The ISEAL Alliance represents the movement of credible and innovative sustainability standards. ISEAL’s mission is to strengthen sustainability standards for the benefit of people and the environment.Its membership is open to all multi-stakeholder sustainability standards and accreditation bodies that demonstrate their ability to meet the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice and accompanying requirements, and commit to learning and improving. Bonsucro is a proud Full Member, which means that we have achieved the highest membership status in ISEAL through demonstrating a high level of compliance with ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice.

What makes Bonsucro’s Standards credible?

Thanks to a large number of pilot studies, and a great deal of input from stakeholders all over the globe, our Standards are valid and useful to all kinds of communities, but impactful on a larger scale at the same time. We’ve shown that by working together with this set of standards in mind, we can truly create lasting, measurable change.

We’re part of ISEAL too. (See above)

How does the Bonsucro Production Standard relate to other sustainability initiatives in agriculture?

The Bonsucro Production Standard is the first one of its kind – a global framework built upon the principle of ‘if you can measure it, you can manage it’. That means it’s built upon key sustainability metrics. We’re constantly improving it too. That’s because the more we do so, the more it allows anyone who’s invested in sugarcane to improve as well. We are a mainstream initiative that’s driven by demand.

How is Bonsucro a mainstream programme?

Our Standard is ‘mainstream’. That means that it fits with the existing market structure, and aims to make improvements that are realistic for a significant portion of the market.
What is the impact of the Bonsucro program?

By helping sugarcane producers and processors to work with good practices in mind, they become much better at what they do. This results in increased yield, higher quality, less impact on the environment, better working circumstances and more efficient production. Ultimately, this can lead to an increased income.

When will Bonsucro certified products be available?

They’ve been available since June 2011.