New Bonsucro CEO Appointed – Danielle Morley to join Bonsucro in May

22nd February 2018

Bonsucro’s Board of Directors is delighted to announce that Danielle Morley will be joining Bonsucro as its new Chief Executive Officer. Danielle joins from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), also a global multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit standards organisation and fellow ISEAL member. 

As RSPO’s European Director of Outreach and Engagement, she has led on stakeholder engagement, strategic communications and public policy in Europe – a dynamic and critical market for sustainable sourcing. Danielle has worked with businesses, NGOs and governments to address a range of sustainability challenges. She has sector expertise in palm oil, water, forests, climate change and human rights.

“Bonsucro does such vital work to improve sustainability within the global sugarcane industry” said Danielle. “I am really looking forward to joining at this time in its evolution, and working with everyone in the organisation to grow its impact and influence”.

Prior to her role at RSPO she worked at WaterAid from 2001 to 2012 where she founded and led the Freshwater Action Network to become a major local to global NGO network operating in the water and sanitation sector, with regional hubs for Latin America, South Asia and Africa. She helped secure the delivery of the Right to Water to communities through effective programming and policy influence.

Géraldine Kutas, Interim Chair of the Board of Directors, said, “the Board was very impressed with Danielle’s experience, skills and personality and believes that she will be an excellent leader to take the organisation forwards. The Board and the rest of the team look forward to working with Danielle and hope you will join me in welcoming her to Bonsucro.”

Danielle will formally start in her new role on 1 May, and will be based in Bonsucro’s London office.

Bonsucro & Renovabio: Exploring synergies and advancing GHG reduction in Brazil

Project partners: Earth innovation Institute and Agroicone
Project length: 12 months Budget: $22,347,79
Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals:

RenovaBio is a Brazilian biofuel policy designed to decrease Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions by 10% by 2029 [compared to 2018], in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change. It aims to do this by incentivising fuel distributors to blend more biofuels into their products. RenovaBio has established a certification scheme for biofuel, towards which Brazilian sugarcane mills are working, that will enable them to trade decarbonisation credits on the Brazilian stock exchange.

Bonsucro continuously seeks to grow awareness and adoption of its standard. In Brazil, this can be achieved by aligning its framework with RenovaBio to optimise costs and time for mills. In 2019, Bonsucro received a grant of US $22,000 from the Earth Innovation Institute to provide a common understanding of how RenovaBio works and how other regions might benefit from this approach.

Bonsucro addressed the topic at Bonsucro Global Week in Bangkok in March 2019, and through three stakeholder forums in Brazil. The Bonsucro team also commissioned a technical comparison study, which enabled the organisation to understand how best to align with RenovaBio’s requirements.

The study has been shared with key stakeholders in Brazil and the project is now complete. Bonsucro is working to incorporate the study’s findings and recommendations through its ongoing Production Standard Revision process.

By aligning opportunities of optimisation, joint work and integration with the Brazilian Government and reflecting it in the Bonsucro Standard, Bonsucro can help to ensure that more producers adopt sustainability standards like Bonsucro.