On-product claims

Bonsucro sugarcane mills are eligible to undergo a third-party audit to check that they’re compliant with the Bonsucro Production Standard.

Once they are, they can sell Bonsucro certified product to the market. The list of Bonsucro Certified members can be found here.

Mills that are certified against the Bonsucro Chain of Custody Standard, and who purchase Bonsucro certified products from a Bonsucro certified mill, are eligible to make an ‘on-product’ sustainability claim using the Bonsucro logo.

In order to receive authorisation to use the Bonsucro logo, you must:

  • Be a Bonsucro member;
  • Agree and comply with the requirements presented in the Bonsucro Claims & Labelling Document*;
  • Producers to hold a valid certification; and
  • Receive approval by Bonsucro in writing.

‘Bonsucro’ is a registered trademark in the European Union, Brazil, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Japan, Norway and a trademark in other countries.

Members that currently use the logo on product are

    • Bundaberg (Australia) – sugar packets
    • Coles (Australia) – sugar packets
    • Unilever (Brazil) – Kibon ice cream
    • Guarani – sugar packets

*Please note these Guidelines will be soon undergoing a review