Standards Development

Bonsucro Standards

The Production Standard helps farmers and mills to measure their productivity and key environmental and social impacts. On the road to certification, businesses can increase efficiency, lower energy use, and reduce waste – all the time improving on the bottom line.
The Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard concerns the supply of a product including all stages from the feedstock production up to consumption. It’s proof that you’re sourcing and trading responsibly – it provides assurance that claims of compliance can be tracked along the supply chain.

Standards Development

Bonsucro, as a multi-stakeholder organisation, seeks to engage members when changes are proposed and made to the Standard.

Here you will find detailed information about this process and current work on standards development.

Smallholder Review

Currently, the Bonsucro Production Standard is under review for the smallholder context, as approved by the Board of Bonsucro in March 2017. Smallholder farmers are a crucial component in many sugarcane industries around the world. To ensure that smallholders have the same opportunities for performance improvement as other producers, Bonsucro is embarking on a review of the Bonsucro Production Standard and the Certification System in the smallholder context.

Smallholder Steering Committee

Maria del Mar Maldanado Agroindustrial Laredo, Grupo Manuelita
Dr. Lorena Casanova Programa Sustentables para Certificacion
Ingrid Richardson Unilever
Roger Armitage TSGro- smallholder programme
Dr. Manju East Asia Sugar Group
Shauna Alexander Mohr  ED&F Man

Bonsucro is a full member of the ISEAL Alliance and conducts the process of standards revision in accordance with the ISEAL Standard Setting Code.

If you have any questions on the review, please contact us.

Key Process Documents