Board of Directors

  • Géraldine Kutas

    Board Chair

  • Rob Cocco

    Chair, Finance & Risk Committee

  • Jean-Claude Autrey

    Chair, Technical Advisory Board

  • Alex Bjork

    Chair, Members' Council

  • Melanie Rutten-Sülz

    Chair, Governance Committee

  • Claudia Asensio

    Vice Chair, Members' Council

Members' Council

The representative body of the membership. It acts as a reference and sounding board for the Board of Directors, allowing members to have a say on the issues that matter to them.

  • Marcelo Posonski* (Replacing Erin Logan)

    Organisation: Proforest Cluster: Change Enabler * Interim replacement for Erin Logan

  • Alex Bjork

    Organisation: WWF USA Cluster: Change Enabler

  • Natasha Schwarzbach

    Organisation: PepsiCo Cluster: Buyer

  • Billy King

    Organisation:Pernod Ricard Cluster: Buyer

  • Diane Stevenson

    Organisation:CSC Sugar Cluster:Buyer

  • Iver Drabaek

    Organisation:Nordzucker Group Cluster:Buyer

  • Marina Carlini

    Organisation:Raízen Cluster:Production

  • S Lakshman

    Organisation: EID Parry Cluster: Production

  • Anthony Edmonds

    Organisation:Donovale Cluster:Production

  • Bruno Martins

    Organisation:Socicana Cluster:Production

  • Venkat Rasa

    Organisation:OKRR Farm Cluster:Production

  • Sanjay Sacheti (co-opted)

    Organisation:Olam Cluster:Production

  • Dr Gopinathan MC

    Organisation:Solidaridad Cluster:Change Enabler

  • Monica Jaen

    Organisation: Copersucar Cluster: Production

  • Patrick Dessources

    Organisation: Caseli Cluster: Change Enabler

  • Meredith Smith

    Organisation: ED&F Man Cluster: Buyer

  • Viren Verma

    Organisation: The Coca-Cola Company Cluster: Buyer

  • Rafael Bordonal Kalaki

    Organisation: Socicana Cluster: Production  

  • Claudia Asensio (Chair)

    Organisation: Ingenio Pantaleon Cluster: Production

Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

Providing leadership and insights around global standards and other technical issues

  • Jean-Claude Autrey

    Expertise: Chair of TAB/Global research Location: Mautritius Association/Organisation: ISSCT

  • Peter Allsopp

    Expertise: Pest management Location: Australia Association/Organisation: Previously at Sugar Research Australia Ltd

  • Raoul Lionnet

    Expertise: Milling, processing and refining Location: South Africa Association/Organisation: Consultant (formerly at Tongaat Hulett and Sugar Milling Research Institute)

  • Manoel Régis Lima Verde Leal

    Expertise: Biofuels Location: Brazil Association/Organisation: CTBE

  • Roshan Tamak

    Expertise: Smallholder farmers Location: India Association/Organisation: DCI Shriram

  • Damien Sanfilippo

    Expertise: Standards Location: Switzerland Association/Organisation: Better Cotton Initiative

  • Armando Ortega

    Expertise: Social fields Location: Mexico Association/Organisation: The Coca-Cola Company