Bonsucro Calculator (English) (Input-only version)

30th March 2020

Key Benefits:
– Discover industry benchmarks.
– Measure and improve your transparency.
– Set key certification milestones.

The Bonsucro Calculator is a vital tool for evaluating your sustainability. It also helps to demonstrate compliance with the Bonsucro Production Standard if you’re applying for Certification. The Calculator is excel-based, and requires data from the mill and cane supply area/farms to use.

The full calculator is available to members only, and those that have attended Bonsucro training events. Members can access the Bonsucro Calculator by emailing Bonsucro at

You can download an ‘Input only’ version of the Calculator below. The Input Data sheet is an extract from the full Bonsucro Calculator.

Email the completed spreadsheet to to see your results on the level of compliance and receive feedback from Bonsucro’s expert team.